5 Tips for Naturally Clear Skin

Our skin is our largest organ and it can tell us a whole lot about the state of our body. Many of us go to great lengths to try and achieve clear skin, understandably, because we all want to glow and look and feel good! Oftentimes these quests focus on finding the best new lotion or cleanser or exfoliator and fail to address what often contributes to our skin troubles: the state of our internal health.

There are countless reasons why one may be experiencing imbalances in their skin, however, the tips I will be sharing are ones that we canall benefit from, no matter your situation!



Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is critical for not only skin health, but digestion, cellular integrity, and the assimilation of nutrients. Many people are dehydrated without even quite realizing it. Dry skin, constipation, and low energy levels can all be signs of simply needing to drink a big glass of water!

I recommend starting your day with a glass of cool, filtered water. For a boost of minerals and to kickstart digestion, try adding a squeeze of lemon.  After sleeping through the night, our bodies naturally desire hydration upon waking. If you’re not used to drinking water before anything else, you’ll soon discover just how good your body and skin feels by doing so!


Gut health is perhaps one of the most important factors for improving the health and appearance of our skin, among nearly every thing else in our body! Our GI tract is our terrain: it’s where we digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients. It’s where we break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins into their usable forms for energy, and it’s where we house trillions of bacteria that play a role in mental health, B vitamin synthesis, bowel regulation, and skin health.

We maintain gut health by:

  • ensuring we have regular, healthy bowel movements
  • consuming probiotic-rich fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kimchi
  • eating plenty of fibre from colourful fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds every day
  • avoiding food sensitivities such as dairy, corn, wheat and soy
  • avoiding processed foods, especially those that contain refined sugars, starches, oils, and artificial additives
  • chewing thoroughly
  • drinking lots of water


Many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis are inflammatory conditions. This means, well, there’s inflammation present in the body and we need to address it!

We help to reduce inflammation levels in our body by eating fresh, whole foods including:

  • leafy greens and other bright vegetables
  • antioxidant-rich berries and other fruits
  • anti-inflammatory roots like ginger and turmeric
  • omega-3 rich foods like flax, hemp and chia
  • healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olives.

What causes inflammation? Some foods include:

  • refined oils (canola, margarine) especially those that are hydrogenated or contain trans fats
  • omega-6 fatty acids including those in some grains and factory-farmed, conventionally raised meats
  • refined sugar and starches
  • dairy
  • alcohol


Ah, stress. It’s everywhere. When I ask people if they are stressed, an answer I often hear is “Well, yeah, but who isn’t?” It’s easy to think that because stress is so common, it’s not a big deal. But in reality, it is! Stress has been shown to be related to nearly all illnesses. From cardiovascular diseases to mental health conditions, GI conditions, hormone imbalances and of course… skin!


  • Deep breathing
  • Meditating
  • Learning how and when to say no
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Proper sleep! When we sleep, our bodies regenerate and heal. Inflammation levels are reduced, cortisol levels are decreased, our liver gets to work on processing and filtering toxic waste, and our cells repair. Sleep is critical to healthy skin and a healthy body!
  • Move your body. Exercise not only reduces stress, but improves our circulation, increases oxygen to our cells, helps remove toxic waste via sweating, promotes digestive function and improves mood! I enjoy simple forms of exercise such as walking and stretching.


Many of us have a handful of products that we use morning and night to scrub and polish and tone and moisturize – but these often are very unnecessary and can be more irritating than we’d think.Many products are full of alcohols, fragrances, colourants, foaming agents and other strange things that can irritate our skin.

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Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Improves Digestion

Lemon water helps stimulate gastric juices including the production of stomach acid (aka hydrochloric acid) which is absolutely critical for good digestion! HCl is required to help break down nutrients such as protein (by activating the enzyme pepsin) and minerals, and without sufficient supply, can lead to nutrient deficiencies, bloating, indigestion, constipation, and more.

Helps Heartburn

Just like lemon water helps with things like constipation by stimulating digestion, it can help reduce heartburn, too! It may sound counterintuitive because lemons are acidic, but many people who suffer from heartburn or acid reflux are actually under-producing stomach acid, not over-producing it.

Low stomach acid levels causes food to ferment and push back upwards which can cause heartburn.

Drinking plenty of water alone helps our body flush out accumulated waste in our GI tract, but lemon helps even more by stimulating the liver’s detoxification enzymes! Our liver has over 500 functions including helping our body filter and eliminate toxins. Even more, lemon water increases bile production. Bile and fibre together are carriers of toxins and help to more effectively eliminate waste products.


I know, I know. Lemons are acidic! But, the citric acid content does not promote acidity in the body. Lemons are actually alkaline once they’ve been digested and metabolized. This is great news for the health of our tissues and for preventing the many diseases that thrive in acidic environments.

Nourishes Skin

Of course drinking water alone is excellent for keeping our skin and cells hydrated, but lemon water nourishes our skin even more simply by all of the points listed above. Improved elimination and better digestion means increased nutrient absorption and reduced toxic load which means healthier, happier cells and skin!

How to do it:

Simply squeeze half a lemon into your glass (500ml or so) of water. Be sure to remove or filter out the seeds! Fresh lemon is best as it contains the highest amount of available vitamins and minerals. Try starting your day with lemon water to hydrate upon waking and boost your digestive fire.

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Staying Healthy While Traveling

I’ve done quite a bit of traveling these years, it’s certainly important that no matter where I go or what I do I’m prioritizing my health as much as I can. However, as someone who also has a sensitive gut, traveling can be that much more tricky in terms of making sure I don’t run into any problems, and I’m sure there are some of you out there who can relate. Being away from home when it comes to eating can be a major source of stress and anxiety.

Even though travelling and staying healthy requires a bit of planning and creativity, I find it fun! From prepping snacks, staying hydrated and promoting optimal sleep and digestion, here are all my tips for staying healthy while traveling.

Healthy Snacks

Travelling with your own collection of healthy snacks is essential in case you can’t find a store with many options. Some great snacks to travel with include:

  • Dried fruit
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fresh fruit
  • Snack bars (look for ones without added sugar and simple ingredients like dates and nuts)
  • Protein & greens powders that you can mix with water

Bringing your own snacks for flights is extremely helpful, too. Beside order special meal before hand online, I also simply ask the flight attendant if they have any chopped fruit or veggies on hand that I could have.

Visit Markets + Cook Your Own Food

Make a trip to the local market or grocery store to stock up on more snacks and fresh food, and cook your own meals! To make things a little easier, map out the nearest stores before you arrive at your destination. Every circumstance is different in terms of access to a stove or oven, but where possible, it’s a great idea to prepare our own meals as this allows us to avoid ingredients we don’t want to eat and enables us to make the healthiest choices possible.

Stick to easy-to-prepare food. Some include basics like veggies quick stir fries (look for mixed frozen vegetables if you’re in a pinch), mixed greens for simple salads; fruit, nuts, seeds and nut butters. It can also be helpful to cook in larger batches to save you from cooking constantly.

Tip: If space allows, bring a couple food storage containers. This can really come in handy for using leftovers as snacks the next day, or just to store any leftovers in general.

Modify Meals at Restaurants

Whether you have food allergies or sensitivities or just prefer to make healthy choices wherever you go, modifying meals on the menu at restaurants is quite easy to do, and servers are usually very accommodating.

Tips for making modifications at restaurants:

  • Review the entire menu and keep your eyes open for which meals offer vegetables or other foods you feel comfortable with
  • Request a side salad or side of vegetables instead of fries
  • If you have food sensitivities, ask to omit any sauces/dressings, or request them be brought on the side
  • Salads make a great base for being modified. For a basic garden salad, request extra vegetable toppings such as cucumber, avocado, etc; omit any cheeses (if dairy sensitive); and ask for a simple oil and vinegar or fresh lemon to use as a dressing.
  • Ask for extra vegetables whenever possible
  • Many restaurants now have gluten-free alternatives

Stay Hydrated

Nothing is more dehydrating than 24 consecutive hours of travel between flights and bus rides and taxis and whatever else you need to do to get from point A to point B. Airplanes are especially dry, and it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when we’re waiting in line ups and printing off tickets and looking for our terminal and trying to find our hotel on the map. Stay hydrated, especially around alcohol consumption. Buy bottled water or carry a reusable bottle and refill when possible, and always ask for water when eating out at a restaurant.


Walking is an excellent way to not only move our bodies and get exercise while we’re away, but great for making the most of a new city or town. Making a note to move our bodies is important especially after hours of seated travel. Walking helps regulate our digestion, balance our appetite and mood, and promote restful sleep at night.





  • 蔬果干
  • 坚果和果仁
  • 新鲜水果
  • 能量棒 (最好选择无糖,单一配料的产品,比如:枣类和坚果类)
  • 蛋白质&蔬菜干粉类可以用水调开的食品








  • 仔细阅读菜单内容,寻找那些含有蔬菜或你能吃得放心的菜肴。
  • 要求用沙拉或蔬菜代替薯条作为配菜。
  • 如果您有食物过敏病历,请让厨房在装盘上桌时,将调味料/酱与食物分开盛放,或盛入小碗。
  • 对菜肴的修订最好从沙拉开始。只点菜单上最原味的沙拉,比如黄瓜、鳄梨等。如果您有乳制品敏感问题,就必须省略沙拉中的奶酪制品,并请他们用最简单的食用油、醋或新鲜柠檬调味。
  • 如有可能,请餐厅用加量的蔬菜代替其他被省略的配菜。
  • 许多餐厅现在都为食客准备了不含谷蛋白的菜肴选择。





Why You Must Create

This is for each and every one of you who struggle to make time for the creativity that lives and breathes in your heart. Now is the time. Open the door.


We’re so very busy, so very distracted and often so very tired. When life is so demanding, who has time for creativity? How can we play when there is so much work to do? How can we pick up our paintbrush when we haven’t tidied up our home? How can we dance when we haven’t done the laundry? How can write a poem when there’s dinner to be made?


And if we do, what will other people think? Will they see us as self-indulgent, deluded, weird? Will our family resent us taking time away from them for time for our creative hearts? Will they see our desire and our dreams and support them or dash them? Have we experienced that before?


So many questions lie between us and our creative time. So we go to Pinterest and pin what inspires us. We follow creatives on Instagram, join groups on Facebook and buy books and online classes to satisfy our artistic needs – and all of that inspires us but when we least expect it, it turns in on us too. Where once we felt raised, now we feel razed. Our inner critic viciously reminds us of all that we are not. Our creative hunger doubles us over like a stomach punch. The world seems like a dark, dark place where only a few, and certainly not you, are living the life you long for.


Sometimes it is easier to numb out than to feel that pain. It’s easier to buy paints for your daughter and watch her play instead of showing up to the canvas yourself. It’s easier to criticize the phony perfect lives of all those so-called creatives and all their fans who bought the hype than to admit that you’re aching for a piece of that dream. It’s easier to write in your journal over and over again your inner secrets than to risk taking even the smallest step.


You must take that step.


You must risk the vulnerability of exposing your creative heart.


You must risk going to the water and drinking your fill even if predators lurk.


If that creative thirst is in you, you simply must drink.


So often we believe that the safest route is the one that is most taken. Everyone we know works regular hours in an office environment so probably we should too. Having a steady paycheque and health benefits is a blessing. If you have an artistic leaning than probably the safest thing you can do is teach. Or maybe you could train in a more dependable field and do your art in the evenings and on the weekends. Until you have a family, of course, but don’t worry then you can do your art when you retire.


And if that works for you, amazing!


But if you are sad, if you are empty, if you are under-expressed and overly full, if you are heartbroken, if you are suffocating, if you are crying in the washroom stall at your regular job, then step up to the creative rivers and drink.


This does not have to involve quitting.


You do not need to suddenly leave your entire world behind to become a creative entrepreneur or a full-time art student or sell your stuff on Etsy.


You don’t need to make a grand gesture, move to a new town or dress boho. Though, of course, you can.


All you have to do is create.


It’s that simple.


I know that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There will be feelings for you to feel, powerful ones, light and dark. There will be judgement from you and others and that will threaten to shut you down. There will be so much to learn that you’ll wake up to a whole world of what you don’t know and that may be overwhelming.


But you will be free.


Your heart will pour right out of you once it gets going. You will fumble and you will fail and you will discover and you will delight. You will laugh and you will cry and you will breathe once again and you will be alive. Most of all, you will remember who you are.


Welcome to your creative life.


How I make the time

One of the greatest challenges we creative spirits face is making the time for our creative expression.

We yearn for long, expansive blocks of time to dig into writing, painting, pottery, baking, whatever it is that brings us to life, but often we have only a few minutes here, a few minutes there.

Even a few minutes of creativity is gold!

For me, in this time right before the new season starts, all of my attention is focused on repacking what I need in my creative life and move on to the next project and “home”. It’s an exciting and busy time.

Even so, I try to take a few minutes each day for creative delight: little practices, experiments or meditations. I might do a little doodling in my journal or get up for a dance break. I might do a quick blind contour drawing or take a moment to find a poem*.

I’ve found that rather than detracting from my list of to-dos, these little studio moments throughout my day keep me fresh and happy – and that is good energy to bring to the work at hand.



How might you find a few moments of creative delight this week?


How about today?


How about now?


You might just be surprised at how nourishing a little bite of creativity can be!


with love,

Back to the studio

It’s a weird thing stepping away from the online world for a while, first to have a bit of a break and then to start work on a new studio. People often talk about how we’ve lost a sense of connection because of social media, the internet, our phones, but I most often experience these things as bridges of connection, connection to my friends, my family, my community and the world.
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Aug 7.

This has been both a beautiful and an intense week in the studio as the summer season starts to wind down.


Next week, I’m hoping to enjoy some unscheduled summertime before I dive into working on the new season. I plan on getting down to the beach and walking under the stars. I’m looking forward to lazy mornings and lots of collaging and reflection. My journal will be my constant companion ! I’ll spend some time at the kitchen table with my art supplies and maybe even catch up on a class or two.


What do you want to be sure that you get to before the season’s done?


I hope you enjoy every bit of it!


I love fat because it has countless health benefits and plays so many roles in our body! From our brain to our bones, fat is absolutely crucial for good health.脂肪的好处在于,它不仅为人体带来健康,而且在人体中还起着至关重要的作用!从大脑到骨骼,脂肪在健康中占据着不可或缺的作用。
Why I Love Fat
Every cell in our body is comprised of a portion of fat, and it makes up more than 50% of our brain! Fat plays a number of major roles in our body:


Reduces cravings: Fat helps balance blood sugar by increasing insulin sensitivity, slowing down the digestion of glucose, and helping us feel full and satisfied


Nutrient absorption: Helps in the absorption and utilization of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, which are vital for things like healthy bones, teeth and eyesight


Skin: Nourishes and moisturizes our skin from the inside out! Fat is great for dry skin.


Reduces inflammation: Omega-3 fatty acids are highly anti-inflammatory, great for inflammatory conditions such as acne and eczema, and are absolutely essential for good health and supporting our brain, heart, immune system.


Balanced Hormones: Saturated fat is required for the production and regulation of our sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen


Energy: Yep. The right fats, including medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) found in foods like coconut oil, are used readily as a source of energy for our body! Our body thrives off of fat as a fuel source.


What Makes a Fat Good or Bad?


Many of us have been made to believe that that the less fat you eat, the better. However, it’s not about avoiding fat, it’s about avoiding the wrong kinds of fat. Here’s what matters most: eating the right fats in the right amounts, in the correct balance and ratios, and prepared correctly. The wrong fats, or even the right fats prepared incorrectly, are bad news. There are several factors that determine whether a fat is healthy or unhealthy for us.


What kinds of fat are we eating?

How has it been treated?

Is it fresh?

Has it been exposed to heat, light, oxygen, hydrogenation, water, or metals?

How old is it?

How has it been prepared?

How much was eaten?

Are we eating a proper balance of other fats?









Healthy Fats:

Avocado and avocado oil

Coconut and coconut oil

Olives and olive oil

Nuts and seeds (soaked for optimal digestion)

Unheated nut/seed oils (walnut, sesame, macadamia, etc.)

Grass-fed meats

Pasture raised eggs

Organic, grass-fed butter











Unhealthy Fats:


Hydrogenated oils

Vegetable oils including soy, corn and canola


Fats from conventionally raised, grain-fed meats

Oils cooked at high temperatures (especially delicate polyunsaturated fats from olive and other vegetable oils)






A Note on Trans Fat


Trans fatty acids are something we should all run from. These fats are produced during the hydrogenation process and are found in items such as margarine and an array of processed foods. When you see cookies, crackers and pastries in a package, it’s likely they contain some amount of trans fat. Even worse, fats have an affinity to plastic, so fats stored in clear, plastic containers are no good!


Mucus Cleansing Foods 去痰好食物

Hello lovelies, last week I read an interesting article about food that cleanse our mucus, want to share with all of you today.
“Mucus is a problem that bother many people. From the common cold to asthma, mucus presents a problem because it constricts the airways. Chronic sinusitis produces snoring, coughing, hacking and both stuffy and runny noses. There are natural ways to prevent or even eliminate the problem, all through choosing of right foods.”

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I’m back, Budapest 布达佩斯 我回来了

“I feel happy to be keeping a journal again.  I have missed it, missed naming things as they appear, missed the half hour when i push all duties aside and savor the experience of being alive in this beautiful place.  One thing is certain, and i have always known it-the joys of my life have nothing to do with age.  They do not change.  Flowers, the morning and evening light, music, poetry, silence, the goldfinches darting about…”

-At Seventy by May Sarton

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