This summer days in Israel enjoyed lots of sunshine. It was so nice to get some sun on my skin.I don’t wear sunscreen, I prefer to allow the sun and my skin work things out on their own.


But truthfully, sunscreen isn’t actually the life-saver we think it is. Alongside them containing a myriad of chemicals and almost entirely blocking vitamin D synthesis, most sunscreens only protect against UVB rays, not UVA (the kind that cause cancer).

It isn’t so much the sun itself that is the victim, but rather what our body may lack. Our best *protection* includes a diet rich in many good things: good quality, saturated fats; antioxidants, lycopene, to name a few. Perhaps a few layers, some shade, or a natural homemade sunscreen if you’re feeling playful 🙂 Either way, I see the sun as a life-giver, our mother here on earth, a healer. I realized how much we need that connection and bonding with nature and the natural world around us. There’s nothing like it.