My holistic habits Q&A 3/6


Q1: How do you make your miso soup?


A:I buy the organic miso paste online (but actually I will take a traditional handmade miso workshop in Osaka Feb2018, so excited). I mix it with a bit of spring water and warm it up. You can add in anything you’d like. I usually add things like bok choy or celery or tofu, or drink it plain!


Q2: What are your hobbies?


A: I enjoy singing, dancing, doodling , cooking, crochet, crystal hunting, laying in the sun, hiking, thrift shopping, anything health related. 我喜欢水晶、下厨、唱歌、跳舞、编织、画画、晒太阳、徒步旅行、逛二手市场等,只要是有益健康相关的都喜欢。

Q3: Do you use the coconut oil/baking soda deodorant? And if so, how often do you apply it?


A: Most of the time I don’t wear any deodorant at all, however if I’m doing something where I know I’m going to be sweating or around a lot of people, I put it on. (once per day is enough, i don’t sweat usually).


Q4: What type of workout you practice? 平时健身吗?

A: I don’t have a car, and dislike transit so I walk everywhere I can! I practice yoga every morning and I go hiking whenever I get the chance. I like being active/ exercising outside. In the winter months I tend to be dormant, but when the sun comes out I start to feel alive again and work out more. I like my exercise to be FUN!


Q5: What are you most excited about summer?


A: Watermelons and sunshine are #1 ! I feel so inspired and motivated in the summertime. I’m excited to get outside everyday, go to the beach if I can , hiking, laying in the park, fresh berries, not having to wear bulky layers. I want to move somewhere where it’s sunny all year round. I feed off the suns beautiful energy. I LOVE SUN!