My holistic habits Q&A 4/6

IMG_3462.JPGQ1: I eat a very clean, plant based diet, and I have a healthy lifestyle in general. It’s mild acne, but I think it’s mostly hormonal seeing that it gets sort of bad around period time. Do you know any foods/natural ways of balancing my hormones?


A: I would recommend foods/herbs that cleanse the liver, since the liver filters out excess hormones/ toxins. Leafy greens, lemon water and sulphur rich foods (like broccoli & garlic) are just some of the many foods that can help support the liver. Have you tried acupuncture or herbs to help balance them? I am not an herbalist, however herbs such as Dong quai, chasteberry, red clover and black cohosh have been used for many years to balance hormonal issues. You might want to talk to a naturopath or someone who specializes in Chinese medicine to see what they would recommend!


Q2: Any cures for acne, both that you apply externally and take internally?


A: The only “cure” for acne is finding the ROOT cause of why you are having acne, and healing that. I believe acne is a symptom of a larger problem, whether it be a hormone imbalance, heavy metal/toxic overload, food allergies, etc. I’m not sure what all you’ve tried but I think eating a clean diet, and cutting out all refined sugars/processed foods is a great start for anyone dealing with acne. Wheat/gluten is another one I’d stay away from. Stick with gentle/natural products, and don’t be afraid of using plant oils. Jojoba, sea buckthorn, tamanu, etc..

要治愈“痘痘”,我觉得更关键是知道长痘痘的根源,是内分泌失调、还是体内的重金属指标高了,又或是对某些食物有过敏。最根本的还是要从我们每天的饮食选择上入手,拒绝食用所有加工的食品,白砂糖。我尽可能少的食用由小麦制作的食物还有麸制品。 尽量多吃天然的食物,大胆尝试从植物中历炼出来的油,例如荷荷巴,沙棘,塔玛努都是非常好的油!

Q3: I have a lot of acne scars. With summer coming up, I’m going to be spending a lot of time outside in the sun, but this is known to make scars even darker. so I am wondering what sunscreen you recommend for the face. I’d prefer one that’s really natural and chemical free. I also have really oily and very acne-prone/sensitive skin.

我脸上有痘印, 天气一点点热了,我又喜欢阳光,但这样会让痘印更加深。你是否有天然的防晒产品推荐,最好是纯天然、不含化学添加的?我的肌肤很油很敏感又很容易长痘痘

A: I just use mineral powder for my sunscreen! I can’t tolerate most natural “liquid sunscreens” on my face, because they are often so thick, and break me out. So I stick to just using my mineral foundation to protect my face from burning. It’s lightweight and protects so well (it’s like a physical shield on your skin). I also like to wear a wide brimmed hat!


Q4: I have several dark spots because of the acne, which are the best oils/ natural treatments to remove them? 用什么天然产品可以治愈由“痘痘”留下的黑头粉刺?

A: Some of my favorite oils for hyper pigmentation are: sea buckthorn seed, tamanu, hemp, jojoba, rosehip seed oil. Also look up topical vitamin C for acne scarring.


Q5: What you use to moisturize your body? I’ve tried coconut oil but it’s not really enough for me so if you have any suggestions for super dry skin?


A: Have you tried other oils, something with Shea/cacao butter? I love coconut oil, but I agree it might not be hydrating enough for super dry skin! I usually just use whatever oil I have handy.