5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

I think that smoothies are the ultimate breakfast food. They are easy to make and provide your body with the necessary dose of nutrients to face the day with a bang. So today I want to share with you my top 5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies. You have to promise me that you will try all of them because they are seriously delicious!
我认真觉得早餐会吃上瘾,一日之计在于晨,为了让自己有充沛的体力和精神迎接每一个新的一天 , 今天分享给各位五款超级美味营养的食谱。
1. Blueberry Muffin Smoothie蓝莓麦芬

I don’t know how it’s possible, but trust me when I say that this smoothie tastes exactly like a blueberry muffin. As an added bonus, it’s also a banana-free smoothie. I know some people get tired of using bananas to thicken their smoothies. In this case, the oats and almond butter create a perfectly creamy texture while making the smoothie more filling and increasing its protein content.
信不信由你,这款果昔的口味让我想到蓝莓玛芬,传统果昔中的香蕉换成了燕麦和杏仁酱,蛋白质含 量更高,更添饱腹感。


2. Chocolate Lover Smoothie 浓情巧克力

You know I have a soft spot for chocolate and this smoothie definitely hits the spot. Please don’t be afraid of adding the avocado! You can’t taste it, but it does an incredible job at making this smoothie a creamy delight.
这款果昔满足了对巧克力上瘾的朋友,牛油果的加入非但没有减弱巧克力的味道,更让果昔变得更加 浓稠饱满。


3. Ultimate Green Smoothie 无限绿意

This is the smoothie that I make for breakfast most of the time. It’s incredibly refreshing and full of essential vitamins and minerals. Green smoothies are great for improving digestion, increasing energy and making your skin glow.



4. Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie 草莓果昔

This smoothie brings back so many memories. I used to love getting McDonald’s strawberry milkshake as a child. Of course this version is “a bit” healthier.
这款草莓奶昔让我想起小时候钟爱麦当劳里的奶昔的记忆。当然,我们这款草莓果昔比起麦当劳的健 康的太多太多了。

Strawberry-Milkshake-Smoothie.jpg5. Mango Tango Smoothie 热带天堂

This refreshing Mango Tango smoothie will take you to a tropical paradise. Watermelon is a great substitute for water or almond milk since it has a high water content, while the mango gives the smoothie an incredibly creamy consistency.

Mango-Tango-Smoothie Prep time 5 mins 准备工序 5 分钟 Total time 5 mins 制作过程 5 分钟

Blueberry Muffin Smoothie (Makes 1 Serving) 蓝莓麦芬(1 人份)

·1 杯杏仁奶
·3/4 杯蓝莓
·1/4 生燕麦
·1 汤匙杏仁酱
·2-3 颗以色列枣
·1/2 茶匙香草
·1/2 茶匙肉桂

Chocolate Lover Smoothie (Makes 1 Serving) 浓情巧克力(1 人份)

·2 杯杏仁奶
·2 汤匙生可可
·1/4 颗牛油果
·4-6 颗以色列枣
·1 茶匙香草
·4-6 枚冰块

Ultimate Green Smoothie (Makes 2 Servings) 无限绿意(2 人份)

·2 杯水
·1 根大黄瓜
·2 枚芹菜
·1 把香菜叶
·2 条冰冻香蕉
·3 把小叶菠菜 ·6-8 片新鲜薄荷叶·半颗柠檬的汁

Strawberry Milkshake Smoothie (Makes 1 Serving) 草莓果昔(1 人份)

·1 杯椰奶
·1 杯冰冻草莓
·1 条熟透香蕉
·3 颗以色列枣
·1 杯冰冻葡萄
·1/2 茶匙香草

Mango Tango Smoothie (Makes 2 Servings) 热带天堂(2 人份)
·1 杯西瓜块
·1 条熟香蕉
·1 颗芒果肉
·4-6 枚冰块