Q1: Any tips on how to get rid of blackheads? My skin is quite sensitive and I’m allergic to most of the skin care products.


A: For blackheads I found that using oils to cleanse/moisturize my face helped me a lot (jojoba oil is great for blackheads because it’s closet to the skins natural sebum) It might sound counter-intuitive but it’s using the principle “like dissolves like”, so the jojoba oil will basically help dissolve the blackheads. It’s not an overnight cure, but it should eventually help. You might need to play around and see what oils work best for you. You can also try using something like a bentonite clay mask on your face. Bentonite clay will draw impurities out of the skin. Plus, when you’re washing it off you will get some exfoliating action which can help loosen the blackheads as well.


Q2: Any tips for whitening nails naturally?


A: A fantastic natural remedy for yellow fingernails is soaking your nails in warm water and lemon juice for around ten minutes!


Q3: What is your daily face routine? I’m just looking for a healthy way to keep my face healthy, and moisturized.


A: This is my typical routine: In the morning I try not to wash my face, instead I just spritz it with rosewater which has been chilled in the fridge (took awhile for me to get used to, but this has improved my skin a lot). If I am wearing makeup that day, I will do the oil cleansing method at night (usually castor and jojoba). If I’m not wearing makeup that day, I will simply do a honey mask/cleanse. I will then finish off with a bit of moisture. Typically an oil like seabuckthorn, tamanu or jojoba. I tend to switch the oils/products I use every once in awhile though. I also spritz my face throughout the day with rosewater mists.


Q4: Do chia seeds have to be chewed for the nutrients to be released?


A: Nope, unlike Flaxseeds, you don’t need to grind chia seeds. Our body is able to absorb the nutrients in it’s whole form. I try and chew them anyway. Mainly so the chewing action will stimulate my digestive juices.


Q5: I’ve been oil pulling for eight days and I haven’t noticed any change in my oral health or skin (skin being the main reason why I started OP in the first place). Does it usually take a long time to see results?


A: I definitely say give it more time! You probably wouldn’t see a lot of change in 8 days (although many people do!) keep it up.