3 Juice Recipes For Beginners

I want to share with you 3 of my favourite juice recipes that are not only simple, but at the same time really, really tasty. 今天为大家推荐3款不但简单易学,而且至纯美味的元气果蔬汁。

Liquid Sunshine Juice元气满满果蔬汁

This juice is a true treat! It’s deliciously sweet and refreshing. I especially like drinking it during fall as a way to boost my immunity and keep the flu away. 此款诚心推荐不但口味香甜而且口感清爽。它能提高免疫力,抗击流感病毒的侵袭。Glowing-Green-Juice

Glowing Green Juice 热情洋溢果蔬汁

This is the simplified version of the green juice that I usually drink for breakfast. So it’s perfect for juicing beginners! Play around with the sweetness by adding more or less apples/pears. 早餐必备简易果蔬汁,尤其能满足刚接触果蔬汁的您!丰富饱满的鲜甜果味,任由您添加喜欢的苹果或水梨。


Pink Power Juice 浪漫轻盈果蔬汁

How pretty is this juice? Isn’t the color just beet-utiful? Get it? ? I like to add a pinch of turmeric to this juice for its amazing healing powers and extra kick. 此款果蔬汁以其漂亮的视觉感染力首先抓住了您的目光。甜菜根亮眼的红色配上一抹姜黄独特的黄色,不但为您提供充足的营养储备,更令您一大早就干劲十足。

Pink-Power-JuicePrep time 10 mins Total time 10 mins 准备过程10分钟 制作过程10分钟

Ingredients 食材

Liquid Sunshine Juice (Serving: 1 cup) 元气满满 果蔬汁(1人份)

1 orange  柑橘一枚

1 apple 苹果一枚

1 medium carrot 胡萝卜一根

fresh ginger  2.5厘米姜块一枚

Glowing Green Juice (Serving: 3 cups) 热情洋溢 果蔬汁(3人份)

1 large cucumber 黄瓜一根

3-4 celery stalks 芹菜3-4条

2 apples 苹果2枚

1 cup spinach 菠菜1杯

4 lettuce leaves 生菜叶4片

Pink Power Juice (Serving: 1+1/2 cups) 浪漫轻盈 果蔬汁(1-2人份)

2 apples 苹果两枚

1 medium carrot 胡萝卜一根

1 small beet 甜菜头一个

3-4 celery stalks 芹菜3-4条

lemon 柠檬适量

1 pinch of turmeric 一小撮姜黄粉