My Holistic Habits q&a 6/6

Q1: You travel a lot, where do you feel like home ?

A: I feel like home everywhere I travel. I can almost immediately adapt myself to the new circumstances. My hometown is Shanghai, where my parents live.

Q2: Aren’t you afraid of getting tired from this moving lifestyle?

When I am moving, it feels like dreaming. Being home is the time of relaxing and recharging. The two things have to be in poise. If I move/travel too much the most important things like family and friend will fade away from my life.

Q3: Do you use sunscreen on your face?


A: I always protect my face, but not necessarily with “sunscreen”. If I’m in direct sun I wear a hat, and a lot of the time I wear mineral makeup which protects my face from burning. I also use protective oils like sea buckthorn which I find prevents my face from burning.


Q4: What are your thoughts on sunscreen? do you think we should wear it everyday? there seems to be some sort of hype going on at the moment that you should wear it every single time you go out in the sun and that the sun is dangerous. how often do you wear it and which brand?


A: I encourage people not to be afraid of the sun! I don’t believe in wearing sunscreen because most conventional sunscreen is full of nasty chemicals and blocks our body from absorbing vitamin D. If sunscreen is needed I recommend a non- nanoized zinc oxide sunscreen or coconut oil.


Q5: Was it easy to find that balance?

I’ve never thought about it, but if I did not feel good I wouldn’t manage my life like this. I’m pushing the borders of freedom with my lifestyles. I keep wondering what is complete freedom? When I buy a oneway ticket, having no money in my pocket? I’m so far from that.

Q6: What do you suggest to the “beginner Travelers”, where to go?

I don’t think we should live our life’s at the same place. Actually it does not matter where you go, if you let your own life lead you, only nice things can happen to you that will have a great meaning your life afterwards.