What I Always Pack With Me When I Travel 我的出行必备品

I have escaped the Shanghai humidity for some blue sky and sunshine. This is something I intentionally built into my life every year and I love it. My time away, does not mean that I toss my “holistic lifestyle” out the window, I take a little bit of home with me by packing my favourite healthy travel essentials. No matter where I go, these things come along for the ride. The majority of travel, whether it be for one week or six months, I strive to travel carry on. Yes, all of the below healthy travel essentials will easily fit into my carry-on 🙂


First morning I awake to a curtainful of sun in Pairs.

1. Essential Oils 精油

I was once asked what one thing I would take to a desert island. I was totally mocked for saying essential oils. But it’s true. There are 2 that I don’t leave home without: Tea Tree and Lavender. Okay, I know these are technically 2 things but I’m lumping them into one (plus, they’re pretty small).


  • Lavender essential oil: one of my favourite scents of all time, helps to calm my nerves and soothes any muscle aches and tension. Plus, since it smells so lovely, it’s a great one to dab just under my nostrils when I’ve been on an airplane for five hours and things are getting a little stinky.
  • 薰衣草精油:一直以来,我最喜欢的芬芳精油。它有助于镇定神经,起到缓解肌肉酸痛和紧张的作用。由于它的宜人芳香,当我在飞机上坐了5个小时后,感觉空气难闻时,我就会在鼻孔下轻拍几下。
  • Tea tree oil: is a fantastic antiseptic and it also has amazing anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions. It also doubles as a quick and easy cleaner when mixed with water, in case all that’s available are toxic home cleaning products.
  • 茶树精油:一种神奇的抗菌剂,具有惊人的抗病毒、抗致病菌和抗真菌的功能。它与水混合,可以生成一种快速有效且简单的清洁剂,取代现有的有毒家用清洁剂。

Everyone has their essential oil favourites, but whatever scents you choose ensure your essential oils are good quality.


2. Sleep Mask + Ear Plugs 眼罩和耳塞

A good night’s sleep is elusive to some people on a regular basis, but travel challenge me more with switching time zones, new beds, figure out in a new kitchen (just me:) maybe the excitement and adrenaline, or perhaps just the general travel chaos. These two things create a mini silent chamber no matter where I am, whether I’m on a plane or in a busy city.


Also, dabbing a bit of lavender onto my sleep mask also helps lull me into a calm, relaxing state.


3. Small Hand-Soap 迷你手工皂

I like having my own soap so I can wash with confidence. I carry a small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s with me which makes it easy for me to thoroughly wash my hands in airports, on planes and in the new apartments without having to worry about those heavily fragranced soaps. Most rentals don’t use eco-friendly beauty care options and so to keep clean, I bring my own.


4. Coconut Oil 椰子油

Oh yes, what an amazing thing! I oil pulling with it every morning, and use it as body lotion, sun screen, of course, I can use it in my cooking too !


5. Salt Inhaler 喜马拉雅盐呼吸器

A salt inhaler, is a ceramic container that is filled with Himalayan salt and you inhale through the mouth piece at the top. You’ll get loads of strange looks but whatever, it’s awesome. The salt works to purify the air as you breathe in which really helps me on long plane journeys. I also enjoy it when I just wake up in the morning or do my morning meditations, it makes my mind refresh. I am not a doctor so I can’t tell you to try this, but there is loads of anecdotal evidence that has shown the salt pipe combined with a frankincense to be helpful.


6. Turmeric Powder 姜黄粉

Travel exposes us to new foods, new water, and infections we’re not accustomed to dealing with at home. Bringing turmeric powder allow me easily make myself a golden milk whenever my body need it, it helps to boost my immunity.


7. Crystals 水晶

I know this is a weird one, but I always bring a small assortment of crystals. I keep them in my crocheted pouch on my travel days and arrange them beside my bed. I somehow feel like they bring a little home energy with me. If you know anything about crystals please comment.



The view from where I lay on the bed. Pairs