I’m back, Budapest 布达佩斯 我回来了

“I feel happy to be keeping a journal again.  I have missed it, missed naming things as they appear, missed the half hour when i push all duties aside and savor the experience of being alive in this beautiful place.  One thing is certain, and i have always known it-the joys of my life have nothing to do with age.  They do not change.  Flowers, the morning and evening light, music, poetry, silence, the goldfinches darting about…”

-At Seventy by May Sarton

Flew and flew and flew,  through mountains of cloud to a new continent, verdant summer land.

tree blossmed
Look back at my art journal and flip through it a year from now it’s the overall feeling from looking it that matters most to me, all the work it took to bring this travel journal to life.
I can’t even believe this is already my 3rd time in Budapest, and  it is still magnificent.


Look at the clouds!! West Train Station.


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