Mucus Cleansing Foods 去痰好食物

Hello lovelies, last week I read an interesting article about food that cleanse our mucus, want to share with all of you today.
“Mucus is a problem that bother many people. From the common cold to asthma, mucus presents a problem because it constricts the airways. Chronic sinusitis produces snoring, coughing, hacking and both stuffy and runny noses. There are natural ways to prevent or even eliminate the problem, all through choosing of right foods.”

What is Mucus?

According to, mucus is a thick fluid secreted by various cells that line body organs. The thick fluid is made up of water, salt, mucin and other small cells. Mucus is important because it keeps the body from drying out. Normal mucus is clear. The problem occurs when thicker, excess mucus does not allow the sinuses to drain properly. In addition, when mucus turns another color other than clear, an infection is present. When irritants such as mold, smoke or pet dander are inhaled, they become trapped in the mucus.

The Food Connection

Foods have a direct impact on the sinuses and mucus. Dairy foods increase mucus production while fresh fruits and vegetables aid in the elimination. Drinking teas can also aid in the elimination of excess mucus. The temperature of consumed foods can also make a big difference. Cold foods constrict the passageways, while warmed foods thin and open airways. Thinning the mucus makes elimination possible.

A Perfect Fruit for Sufferers

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.23.42 PM
Pineapple is good to asthmatics and sinus sufferers. The key element in pineapple is the bromeliad. Bromeliad is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins. It can aid the body heal from bronchitis and pneumonia as well. Fresh pineapple properties also act as anti-inflammatory agents, which can also reduce the swelling in air passages, making breathing easier and aiding in elimination.

Other Mucus-Relief Fruits

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.26.53 PM
Other fruits, while not containing bromelain, have vitamin C properties. Vitamin C in adequate dosages can prevent or lessen the effects of a cold. All citrus fruits are natural good to allergy and cold sufferers. Grapefruit in particular reduces salt in the body and will speed elimination of thick mucus and swelling, as it is also a natural anti-inflammatory. Other vitamin C bonanzas are lemons, limes and oranges. Try squeezing a slice of these natural mucus warriors into every glass of water. Fresh lemons squeezed into hot water will loosen phlegm. Fresh watermelon juice is effective at reducing toxins and symptoms.


Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.28.33 PM
Vegetables provide a wonderful defense against mucus and nasal allergies. Unlike other over-processed foods, fresh veggies abound in sinus-friendly dietetic choices. A steaming vegetable soup filled with fresh vegetables can significantly make the mucus move along and dissolve. Some vegetables with powerful elimination properties are asparagus, onions, cauliflower, celery and garlic. Fresh green vegetables are better immunity boosters, as they contain chlorophyll. Fruits do not contain this powerful antioxidant.

Warm and Spicy

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.30.55 PM
Heat dissolves mucus. Warm pureed soups of vegetables are a delicious and soothing way to remove mucus from the body. Turn up the heat with spices like garlic and pepper. The lungs lie just above the digestive track and the heat of these will aid in elimination. Another aid is ginger and a pinch of it in a daily diet may chase the mucus away. Reduce sugars and salts as seasonings as these increase mucus production. Season foods with herbs and spices. Herbal teas aid as well.

Foods to Avoid

 Concentrate on fresh fruits and vegetables. The main food group to avoid during a bout of sinusitis is dairy. Removing milk during this time can slow down mucus production. Cheese and yogurt should be avoided as well. Stick to whole grain breads and avoid refined sugars in white flour and bread. Chocolate, with its high concentration of refined sugars, should be avoided as well. Yeast products should not be a part of the diet during a cold. Instead, focus on lightly steamed fresh vegetables, whole-grain rice and fresh fruit. Canned vegetables and fruit are cooked during processing, losing much of the nutritive value. Canned foods uses salt as a primary preservative–fresh is better.



根据SinusWars.com介绍,痰是由器官内各种细胞分泌的稠厚液体。 这种液体由水,盐,粘蛋白等小细胞组成。 痰对身体很重要,它能保持人类肌体湿润,而且正常的痰液是清澈的。当痰液变厚时,多余的痰液会阻止空气从鼻窦正常通过,导致呼吸困难等问题。 另外,当痰液变成另一种颜色时,则表明肌体发生了感染。当吸入霉菌,烟雾或宠物皮屑等刺激物时,一般会被痰液吸附住。


食物对鼻窦和痰液的分泌有直接影响。 乳制食品会增加痰液的分泌,而新鲜水果和蔬菜则有助于祛除痰液的分泌。喝茶可以帮助消除多余的痰液。饮食温度对痰液的分泌也有很大的影响。 食物温度越低越容易使气管紧缩,而温暖的食物会使气管壁变薄变通畅,有助减轻痰液的及时祛除。


菠萝对哮喘和窦炎患者都有好处。菠萝中的关键元素bromeliad。 Bromeliad是一种可以分解蛋白质的蛋白水解酶。它有助于支气管炎和肺炎患者的康复。新鲜的菠萝含有丰富的抗炎剂成分,可减少气管肿胀,使呼吸更通畅,有助于祛除痰液的阻塞。






温热的食物能够溶解痰液。尤其是温暖的纯蔬菜汤不仅能祛痰,而且还是既美味又无负担的轻松美食,比如,加热的大蒜和胡椒等香料。人体的肺部位于消化道上方,这些热量将有助于消除痰液。 另外,生姜在日常饮食中有捕捉痰液的特效。糖和盐等调味料是增加痰液分泌的主要诱因,所以平时我们应减少糖和盐等调味料的摄入。 时令蔬菜、草药香料和草本茶等都有辅助祛痰的功效。




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