My Natural Dental Routine 我的护牙习惯

Today I want to share all of the products and items I use as part of my all-natural dental care routine, plus the foods I eat and avoid for healthy teeth, too!


My Everyday Dental Routine 每日护牙

My everyday dental care routine involves 4 things: my toothbrush, oil pulling, mouthwash, and floss.

Toothbrush: I recently started using the most glorious bamboo toothbrush. I love it because its bristles, made from castor beans, are so soft and the whole thing is entirely biodegradable. I brush my teeth two times a day and I always brush my tongue, too.

Oil Pulling: Oil pulling is something that I do almost every morning. Oil pulling is an age-old Ayurvedic oral detoxification method that helps clean your teeth and gums naturally by swishing and swirling a spoonful of oil (coconut, sesame, or another good-quality oil) around your mouth for 15-20 minutes. The oil helps to “pull” bacteria out from between your teeth and gums, and makes everything feels super smooth and clean. Be sure to spit it out after, not swallow it!

Mouthwash: By far my most favourite mouthwash is by Essential Oxygen. I am such a big fan of its use of clove (antibacterial and traditionally used to ward off infection) as well as colloidal silver! It also contains cinnamon, peppermint, and for an all-round antimicrobial cleaning. I use mouthwash approximately 1-2 times per week.

Floss: Floss is another one of those things. I used to be terrible with flossing regularly, and although I don’t necessarily floss every single night, I do floss multiple times a week and I never regret it – my mouth always feel extra clean!

我的每日护牙离不开牙刷、漱口水, 油拔和牙线。

牙刷: 我使用竹质牙刷,它是我用的牙刷中最棒的,触感柔顺,而且整支牙刷都是由可降解材质组成。


油拔洁齿: 油拔是一种古老的阿育吠陀口腔排毒疗法。将一勺油脂(例如,椰子油、芝麻油,或其他高质量的油)放入嘴中,用舌尖在齿缝间将油膏进行推拉油拔,大约15-20分钟,可彻底清洁牙齿和牙龈,并从中拉出深藏的细菌。切记清洁后,务必将油脂从嘴中吐出,不可下咽哦!油拔后,口腔内会变得非常柔滑干净。


Foods I Eat & Avoid for Healthy Teeth 有益牙齿健康的饮食

Of course the things we eat and drink have an enormous influence on the health of our teeth. Not only do the foods we eat impact our teeth directly, but the nutrients (or lack there of) that we obtain also play a big role.

The foods I choose to eat and choose not to eat promote the health of my teeth, but more importantly, the overall health of my body, too:


  • Tons of fresh, wholesome fruits, vegetables, fat. I make almost all of my meals and snacks from scratch.
  • Plenty of dark leafy green vegetables including spinach, kale, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. Green vegetables provide some of the most bioavailable sources of calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and other nutrients for optimal teeth and bone health.
  • Lots of fresh herbs – great for chelating heavy metals!
  • Mineral-rich sea vegetables
  • I drink 8 cups of filtered water per day.
  • ALL refined carbohydrates and refined sugars (bread, pasta, pastries, white sugar, candy, etc.)
  • Foods with artificial colours, flavours or additives
  • Soft drinks and fruit juice
  • Gluten
  • Dairy



  • 大量新鲜的水果、蔬菜和脂肪类食物。我的所有食物和零食几乎全由自己烹制
  • 大量的深色绿叶菜,包括菠菜,甘蓝,花椰菜和其他十字花科蔬菜。绿色蔬菜为人体提供了最具生物活性的钙、镁、维生素K和其他营养物质,最有益于牙齿和骨骼健康
  • 新鲜的草本植物能有效螯合并去除体内重金属
  • 食用富含矿物质的海里的植物
  • 每天至少摄入8杯过滤后的净水


  • 所有人工合成的碳水化合物和精制糖(面包、意大利面、糕点、白糖、糖果等)
  • 含有人造色素,香精或添加剂的食物
  • 碳酸饮料,果汁等软饮料
  • 麸质食物
  • 奶制品