Back to the studio

It’s a weird thing stepping away from the online world for a while, first to have a bit of a break and then to start work on a new studio. People often talk about how we’ve lost a sense of connection because of social media, the internet, our phones, but I most often experience these things as bridges of connection, connection to my friends, my family, my community and the world.


This amazing capacity that we have to reach out human to human, to hear one another’s stories, to lend a hand, to share a message is profound. Of course it does not negate the beauty of a hug, the gift of sharing dinner or the blessing of chatting in comfy chairs over tea. It is not a substitute. It’s an addition.


When I first started blogging, over 10 year ago, we shared our lives online, our hopes, our dreams, our fears. We discovered that even though there might not be anyone like us in our neighbourhood there were people like us in the world. There were others who felt misunderstood, left out, frustrated. There were others who had creative dreams and aspirations. There were other square pegs escaping the tyranny of round holes and searching for a tribe.


Over time, we were able to curate our world, following like-minded souls and filling our streams with affirmations of our own values and beliefs. What a joy! What a relief! Finally we felt more at home in the world and that’s a good thing.


Let us all feel at home in the world.
Let us all know that we belong.
And let that feeling, that knowing, empower us to be a part of the world.
Let it help us bring the love, the smarts, the goodness and the creativity that we have always had inside of us to where it is needed.
Let us not hide in our silos. Instead, let us be empowered by our studios.
A studio is a safe place for us to explore, experiment, create and develop. It is also a courageous space in which we risk and dare, a place where we fly and fail. It is where we train to become creative warriors.
How might you bring your creative heart, your love, your talent out into a world that needs you? Where is the world calling your name?
You have magic inside of you and the world at your fingertips. What is it time to do?

with love,