How I make the time

One of the greatest challenges we creative spirits face is making the time for our creative expression.

We yearn for long, expansive blocks of time to dig into writing, painting, pottery, baking, whatever it is that brings us to life, but often we have only a few minutes here, a few minutes there.

Even a few minutes of creativity is gold!

For me, in this time right before the new season starts, all of my attention is focused on repacking what I need in my creative life and move on to the next project and “home”. It’s an exciting and busy time.

Even so, I try to take a few minutes each day for creative delight: little practices, experiments or meditations. I might do a little doodling in my journal or get up for a dance break. I might do a quick blind contour drawing or take a moment to find a poem*.

I’ve found that rather than detracting from my list of to-dos, these little studio moments throughout my day keep me fresh and happy – and that is good energy to bring to the work at hand.



How might you find a few moments of creative delight this week?


How about today?


How about now?


You might just be surprised at how nourishing a little bite of creativity can be!


with love,