How to Find a Poem人人都是诗人

Poems live everywhere.

They are just waiting for you to find them – in overheard words and captured phrases, in the hidden spaces of song lyrics and old books……

Here’s a poem Hanan wrote last week.




How do you find a poem in a book? 


Pull out a page and cut out words and phrases that capture your attention. Arrange and rearrange them until they ‘click’ into your found poem. Separating the words from the page allows you to see them fresh and to use them in any order, in any arrangement. That is what Hanan did with this way.


You can also leave the page intact, circling or underlining words you wish to work with or using a pen or pencil to obscure words you choose not to use. This method provides the added constraint of using the words in the order they appear on the page. That is what Hanan did. Here’s more poem he created in this way.


Gather some words to you. You can find them in a book, or when you’re listening to a song, a movie, a conversation. Use those words to build yourself some poetry.


In as little as five minutes you can find not only a poem but also the poet in you!