My holistic habits Q&A 4/6

IMG_3462.JPGQ1: I eat a very clean, plant based diet, and I have a healthy lifestyle in general. It’s mild acne, but I think it’s mostly hormonal seeing that it gets sort of bad around period time. Do you know any foods/natural ways of balancing my hormones?


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My holistic habits Q&A 3/6


Q1: How do you make your miso soup?


A:I buy the organic miso paste online (but actually I will take a traditional handmade miso workshop in Osaka Feb2018, so excited). I mix it with a bit of spring water and warm it up. You can add in anything you’d like. I usually add things like bok choy or celery or tofu, or drink it plain!


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My holistic habits Q & A 2/6


Q1: What your skincare regime is?


A: Skin is our largest detox organ, when there is something going on with the skin it is almost always coming from the inside! Whether it’s food allergies, hormonal issues, detox issues, etc.. We need to find the root cause of why we are having skin problems. Our skin is trying to tell us something when it misbehaves. I believe diet is the first step to healing the skin!

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 Activate Our Creative Fire


Dance in the WuYi Tea Mountain, 2016

We are dancers.

Yes, I mean all of us.

We may have forgotten but it is true.

When we were just a kid, our body wiggled and shimmied and jumped. When music came on, our shoulders knew it, our arms, our belly, our hips.

We are born to move. All of us. Not just the few who are chosen. We all have a right to our body’s wisdom, our body’s grace, our body’s vivaciousness.

Recently I am listening Fabulous Swing Kid 

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Elemental Nourishment


Earth: Earth is the physical, material realm.
Draw on the nourishing powers of Earth by attending to your body, your home and your core sustenance needs.
If you need more Earth energy, tend to the physical details.
De-clutter your home.
Eat nutrition-rich food.
Start a savings account.
Adorn yourself beautifully.
Feed your senses.
Tune into the season.
Plant some veggies.
Move your body.
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