Home is…

Finding home wherever I am. It’s not so easy. I still feel like I’m not ‘at home’ in lots of situations and lots of places. Sometimes I overcome it. Sometimes I don’t. And, sometimes it takes a lot of energy for me to feel at home…

Dream Home

Home can travel with me?
But sometimes home feels far away?
Does home have to built?
Or is home always there?

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Dear 20-sth me

If I could reach back through time and have a heart-to-heart with my twenty-something self, what would I say to her?

2008 in Hangzhou

She’s in her twenties, that glorified period of life when she’s supposed to be discovering herself, deep in exploration, living her most defining decade. And yet…….she may feel like the exact opposite. Or exactly that. Or somewhere in between. She probably doesn’t even know……

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