Home is…

Finding home wherever I am. It’s not so easy. I still feel like I’m not ‘at home’ in lots of situations and lots of places. Sometimes I overcome it. Sometimes I don’t. And, sometimes it takes a lot of energy for me to feel at home…


Dream Home

Home can travel with me?
But sometimes home feels far away?
Does home have to built?
Or is home always there?

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I am so happy it is now the first of Dec, and I am in Los Angles!!! The past two months was full of time and space to be with myself, had a lot of peaceful and grateful-infused mornings, focused on the things that I really love.


Oakhurst Dr., LA

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This summer days in Israel enjoyed lots of sunshine. It was so nice to get some sun on my skin.I don’t wear sunscreen, I prefer to allow the sun and my skin work things out on their own.

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